How to Set up Your Next Generation Business Meeting Room

How to Set up Your Next Generation Business Meeting Room

Meetings happen to be in those places where business people come together, share their ideas, and gain on company’s goals and projects. Instead, many workers consider business meetings irritating, a waste of time, and lack of collaboration that blocks productivity.

With the use of following emerging trends, business meetings could be useful and valuable.

  1. Cloud Collaboration

Through cloud collaboration meeting rooms, it becomes easy to start meeting with not getting everyone in room at the same time.  With the use of this digital conferencing technology, meetings are now productive and allow flexibility to workers and managers to be the key players in meeting even if they are located in different time zone.

  1. Integrated Documents

What mostly happens in traditional meetings that documents are only shown in presentation but not everyone has access to it. And, after meeting, a plethora of documents would be shared over email thus jam the servers and duplicate content. However, with this revolutionized digital technology, meetings are purposeful with documents and presentations on the single platform. Moreover, it enables employees to have a unified sense of business direction.

  1. Interactive whiteboards

 In the past, whiteboards used to be messy, problematic and always badly stained. However, efficient meeting presenters can rely on interactive whiteboards. Being an effective tool, whiteboard is just a screen that can communicate with your system that means anything you have in your laptop, you can use in the meeting room.  This highly popular trend allow people to make endless digital images that can be later saved, a more engaging business meeting and thus improving meeting outcomes.

  1. Google Jamboard

Google is trying to take its workplace tools from the cloud to the physical world. Google’s big expensive surprisingly playful device called Jamboard is essentially a whiteboard. It’s a 55-inch 4K display that’s meant to solve miserable experience i.e. collaborating with people remotely. Everything you do could be synchronized across multiple Jamboards, tablets and the web, so that different coworkers can join in. The good thing about this latest technology is ability to collaborate with those workers or managers who aren’t in the meeting room. Because of its hand writing tool, it gives users a much usable experience. Inside this device, there is a cloud-based platform that integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, Google and apps in G suite. If you’re in workplace willing to invest then Google’s Jamboard is a surprisingly practical way to collaborate.